Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hoh Rain Forest

Just off the Pacific, inside Olympic National Park, lies a jewel that needs to be on your to do list when you visit Washington State. Greenery everywhere, and a freshness in the air that is invigorating. And the huge trees...

My day was shrouded in clouds for hours, and ironically as I entered the rain forest blue skies and sunshine peeked through. The nice weather lasted until I was driving along the coast, five minutes out from pulling in to see the sunset, and rain began to pelt my windshield.

Two short trails are easy for most visitors, one that hugs the Hoh River and another that takes you into more of a "dark forest." A third trail goes on for over 15 miles. I recommend walking at least a portion of this one to enjoy the peace and tranquility of getting away from virtually everyone.

I saw (and photographed from a distance) a herd of elk crossing the river as I was on my way out of the park.

Strolling through such a place, and exploring imagery so full and encompassing fulfills me like nothing else.  A sweetness fills the air from flora so alive it almost speaks to you. Gentle spirits of nature's beauty are overwhelming.

A few images-

Massive trees
Dead tree completely engulfed with life

Watch yur step; looking down at the shore of the Hoh River

Everything brings forth life and shelter; even death
My time in the spotlight

Hoh River meanders along, fed by glacier melting

Everything is not only alive, but thriving

Two of the elk that wandered across the river. Never took their eyes off of me