Monday, July 3, 2017

Roadtrip into the Past

    I embarked on an 11 hour road trip last weekend with my good friend Sandy along some fifteen miles of gravel roads, miles of two lane blacktop, and through a few old towns. Our  plan was to find a place he had visited 35 years ago, Pennville, Ga. We finally found it with the help of locals in the afternoon.

    Conversations went a good thirty minutes or more each time we met locals. Storytelling and reminiscing.

    We spent the day in a steady and sometimes heavy rain. I enjoy the sound of rain filtering through trees during the summer. Walking through a drenching shower is therapeutic for me, with raindrops peppering my hood like an umbrella wrapped around my head. It's a surreal world where the harshness of sunlight is gone along with its shadows and deep contrast, and what is left is an evenness to the world where everything can be calmly visualized, and  sounds are diffused as well. For me it's calming. 

Lots of treasures are out there, ready to be found before they are all taken over by nature. I spoke to someone recently about his experience riding dirt bikes and all terrain vehicles on forestry roads. He said just off trail, sometimes dipping into private property you find remnants of homes and cars with trees growing through them. Forgotten mementos that won't be around forever.

Here are some images from our eastern Georgia roadtrip-
The old Athens Highway route, with an outhouse thrown in for decor

Durham Apothecary Museum in Maxeys, Ga. A former doctor's office recently renovated and opened as a museum. Est, 1870. Free admission

Maxeys, Ga. Former garage and bank needing renovation

Scull Shoals Historic Site, between Athens and Greensboro on the Oconee River. Pictured is the ruins of the store and storage building from the former mill village

Sandy walking in a driving rain. Scull Shoals Historic Site, between Athens and Greensboro on the Oconee River.

Scull Shoals Historic Site. The riverside hiking path alongside the rain swollen Oconee River

Near Greensboro, Ga

Near Greensboro, Ga

Pennville, Ga

Pennville, Ga. Old service station

Pennville, Ga. Old service station

Pennville, Ga. Driving into the shadows

Pennville, Ga.

Pennville, Ga. Old gas line

Greensboro, Ga. The magnolia tree has the most knotted up trunk we'd seen. Fit right in

Greensboro, Ga

Greensboro, Ga

Greensboro, Ga

Elder Mill Covered Bridge and Rose Creek, Watkinsville, Ga

Elder Mill Covered Bridge and Rose Creek, Watkinsville, Ga

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Winding Path

A winding path stretches out below, as I look down from a hillside.....

Miles to cover, choices along the way. Birds serenading and pulling me in all directions.

Time is no longer on my side.

Beauty along every avenue; which path is for me?

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Old Place in the Woods

             The old place in the woods.

 What secrets are buried inside, tucked away among ages of neglect, and a secret or two hidden away that only the more insistent will find. 

Pictured are the remains of an old mill, sitting along the banks of a creek. Fifty yards or so upstream a mesmerizing cascade will lull you to sleep if you stay long enough to be cast under its spell. The mill’s water wheel is covered by wood siding that has conveniently slipped down like a night cover, hiding it from potential vandals.

Shadows from tree limbs moved about across the mill, their dark gray blending with the aging of the wood. I kept expecting to see a face from the past look  out a window, and then turn away as if to say you will have to come find me to hear my story. 

 I would like to know the story of the old truck, and the last time it was pulled in and parked for eternity.