Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hampton Springs Hotel Site Perry, Fla

On the first leg of a Florida trip that started in Georgia we stayed a night at my Uncle and Aunt's house in Perry, Florida. He told me about the Hampton Springs site, and since I like photographing historical sites and ruins we drove over for a quick visit before we headed further south.

The hotel was built in 1908 and destroyed by fire in 1954. Its sulfur springs and baths became known for their healing powers and the facility had a covered pool, golf course, tennis courts, stables, casino, and railroad depot. They had a bottling plant and shipped the healing water nationwide. 

Looks like all the bath needs is cleaning out and a little TLC......

 Beginning of a hiking trail. Need to return when I have time to walk the trail
 Looking off the bridge. 
 Water still flows
 Check out the diving platform to the left, up in the tree with steps nailed in-