Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Random Details, part 2

Okay, so my sleep pattern is totally messed up this week, and I'm sitting here at 11PM remembering age old trivia that probably doesn't mean a thing to most. But then again, I enjoy finding new little tidbits about family, old friends, acquaintances, you name it. I love to look deeper into the psyche of people close by, those that have the capability to move me in some way, whether by touching me deep within my emotions, or just a casual passer by who can do no more than mildly annoy me. Maybe it works this way with others as well.

First, and briefly, my sleeping pattern for the week. Out of town on business, then some fun. I always revert to my natural sleeping pattern within a week of leaving my regimented 4:30AM wake up call. I enjoy staying up until the midnight to 1AM hour, then sleeping until 7 or 8 ish. I got there rather quickly this time.

A few cars I have driven: 72 Plymouth Scamp (a Valiant with pin stripes and a decal,) 63 Olds 98, 70 Mercury Cougar, 72 Dodge Dart 4 door(what a bomb,) early 80's Toyota Celica, 83 Mercury LN7, mid 80's Dodge Omni, 89 Honda Accord, 94 Nissan pickup, 95 Nissan Titan, 01 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder. I think that covers it all. I still want a Corvette convertible, latest body style.

I am not a sports follower at all, although I do enjoy photographing sports car racing. I used to follow baseball to he point I could quote batting averages for all my favorites, but I have no interest any more. My loss of interest started with free agency. I remember as a kid how a good player coming up through the farm system meant something to look forward to a couple of years down the road. Now it means the new star will hang around a few years and file for free agency. Also, I found other methods of escape, such as photography and writing.

I am very much left handed, to the point that I smile crooked. Check out my photos.

My favorite color for many years was blue, but now I like a variety of bright colors. Orange, red, and "beachy" shades of green, yellow, pink, blue, etc. Any color that will brighten my mood.

I tend to keep things (i.e. junk) longer than I should, then about a week after I finally throw it out I need it. That's why I kept it to start with.

I love to help others, to touch them in some way that leaves them better than I found them. It doesn't always seem that way, I'm pretty quiet natured, but in my heart this is true. Test me and you'll find out. People usually don't ask for any help, and I'm slow to offer it.

Back to business, the week is over.

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