Monday, July 12, 2010

What They Hear

Ever been in a restaurant and heard a kid holler out something that made the room go silent?

The parents are horrified. Can’t believe the little angel would say that. “ If you say that again, I’ll wear you out….”

Kids have a way of repeating what they hear. After all, that’s how they learn, hearing and observation. Silent observation, which is very powerful. Repeated at the worst possible time. Funny how kid’s innocence spews out such hatred. They haven’t learned the ropes yet, that what they’re hearing is wrong and should only be repeated around a select circle of friends. With time they’ll figure it all out, but childhood innocence knows no prejudices.

Kids are usually a reflection of their parents; most children are too weak to break the chains, while some are nurtured in the right direction from the start. One of two extremes. I have heard adults using language around their children that I am uncomfortable hearing, let alone hearing it around the younger set. Are they surprised down the road when they can’t fit in a civilized society?

Peers can affect kids as well, but nothing like parents that spend time around the family. An observant parent will cut off contact with kid’s peers when necessary.

How we look at each other as parents/spouses affects their fragile world, and it alters what they will expect from their suitors down the road. They’re looking up to us as role models; if she looks for a husband that was like dad, will here life be full of happiness and love or violence and heartache? Do we look with reverence or disdain toward our leaders? Prayer life or no? It’s obvious to the kids. Their innocent world is much simpler, at least for a season. Yes or no, up or down, black or white, love or hate. And so on.

It’s tough for a generation to break the habits they were raised under. It’s a natural cycle that flows way too smoothly. What they need up front is the leadership that was intended for them, way back down the road a few generations before a set of parents messed things up. Quite a responsibility.

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