Friday, August 19, 2011

Perfect Landing

Driving through an office park today I saw something new. I wasn’t even looking for anything out of the ordinary, I was passing through with my mind on a place six miles away, where I planned to photograph butterflies, during their brief annual display of colors.

As I approached a man-made lake on my right, something caught my eye , high and to my left. I was bearing into a right hand curve, and a pack of geese were coming in, side by side, at least a dozen, if not a few more. They looked more like the wings of a passenger jet, with the body missing. In perfect formation.

They flew directly over my car, and as they approached the water’s surface, their reflections shown on the surface, still in perfect formation, with a gorgeous likeness reflected in the late morning light. Perfectly synchronized.

As they slowly brought the plane down, the entire pack hit the water simultaneously, creating identical splashes, and beginning a series of ripples that ran together and echoed across the lake.

Never seen this before. In my passenger seat, safely tucked inside the patched security of its bag, sat my camera. It’s tough to be prepared every time for that “Kodak moment.”

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