Friday, September 30, 2011

Suwanee Creek Greenway 9/30/2011

Took an hour long walk with my camera today, enjoying near perfect temps, in the mid 70's at 11AM. As I expected, the butterflies are pretty much gone now, and tonight's cold front will no doubt take care of the few that remain.

I did see a hummingbird and a few butterflies, along with a mama deer with her two spotted fawns following behind. It's a nice place to walk, run, or ride a bike. I parked at the Martins Farm Road lot.

I spend some time at the creek, photographing the beautiful reflections. I will be back with my camera gear in about a month when the fall colors are spectacular.


  1. Beautiful just does not describe your photographs adequately. The reflections in water are dizzily stunning.

  2. It really was a nice walk.... after such a hot summer, it's nice to get a feel for the change of seasons. I especially like the cardinal in flight...well done, Craig!