Monday, September 10, 2012

A Breathing Entity

That's how I describe the sights and sounds of nature on my hike of September 9, 2012, at Big Haynes Creek Preserve in Conyers, Georgia.

The woods were alive, a breathing entity. A new surprise around every turn. All the snaps, pops, and whispers from the brush, darkness of trees, and waters of the wetlands. The beautiful weather had everything out. I saw butterflies, dragonflies, many different examples of mushrooms, deer, herons, and an otter darting gracefully just under the surface of the water. I saw it go under, but the camouflage was so well done I could not find a trace, from five feet away.

A group of young ducks floated silently in the water, beyond a partially submerged log that had a turtle perched on the sunny side. The delicate wake following the ducklings dissolved almost as quickly as it formed. The mom was out of the frame, but no doubt she was close by.

Nature is so unique. You couldn't write a better script if you tried.

Pictures can tell the story much better.

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  1. Beautiful photos as always. I love it when you take me for a hike.