Saturday, May 4, 2013

Saturday, May 4, 2013

A rainy day in Georgia.......good weather for opening the door going out to the screen porch and listening to the steady, relaxing drone of water rifting through the leaves, while sitting down with my laptop and writing. Despite the temps hovering around 55. Instead I grabbed my rain gear and headed out for a 4+ hour hike, in a steady rain with a friend. The sounds are like what you would expect on a nature CD, especially as you get deeper into the woods, away from car noises and into the areas that  give a sense of "getting away from it all."

The trees have never looked greener. Everything is brought out. With steady lighting across every plant and rock, and a dampness that seemed to freshen everything living, the scene was surreal. Having the time to explore and fully enjoy the scenery was refreshing. Nothing looks good in the rain through a windshield, with wiper blades obscuring the view even further. All five senses need to be used, and you have to be in the middle of it all to experience it. The patters of rain hitting my parka, and the drops hitting water puddles that built up on the trail. The sight and smell of greenery, and of a dampness in the air. Actually, one thing we normally use  isn't required: speech. Let nature talk during such journeys; we talk over it enough.

The trail hugged a lake, and followed a creek during another section. The wooded portion was like a roller coaster with steep inclines and drops, and a section of granite that was slippery on the inclines. My favorite part may be the puddles on the trail. I still enjoy splashing through water puddles, just like when I was a kid. With or without a bike.

 Birds chattered incessantly throughout the day, although I didn't see too many of them in the thick foliage. As if they were saying "Welcome to our world, so few take the time to visit."

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