Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mount Rainier

I visited Rainier for the first time this past weekend. I will always remember the first look of the majestic peak as it came into view on a windy, wooded road that somehow blocked the magnificent view as long as it could. I will let the photos speak for themselves.

I did the 165 mile loop tour, along with side trips to Sunset and Paradise. I hiked Grove of the Patriarchs trail, along with several short trails. Next time out I will plan to see a few of the longer trails and really experience Rainier.

Entrance fee was $15, which covered seven days. Other options are the annual pass for Rainier ($30) or a national parks pass for $80. Seniors can take advantage of a much better price.

 Sunset, approaching the top

 Patches of fall color

 Close up of a 1000 year old Douglas-Fir

 Beautiful drive
 From the river bed, with its cold flow of glacier runoff

 My camera set up

 Welcome center at Sunrise, which is the highest elevation in the park you can drive to

 Grove of the Patriarchs

 Twin Douglas firs, both 1000 years old

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