Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Ramblings from the Woods

I stepped away for an hour and settled into a familiar place. It was close enough to the deep woods for me to become immersed.  Below are my rambling thoughts I had while sitting there, soaking in all that nature had to offer on this given day. This represents raw data from my head. Thoughts sometimes need to go along with the atmosphere, so some if this may sound strange.
Eighty one degrees F, no rain with a brief cloud cover coming through. And the glorious sounds of summertime woods.

A chitter chatter from overhead. Nature’s delight.
If I can only obtain an unwavering faith that won’t second guess at the drop of a hat.
Life is so perilously short and fragile.
I keep coming back to the seasons of life. Am I in the prime season, with all its beauty and wonder? The fall season of life? It seems I am consistently indoors, working toward a winter of frailty and dreams that are well beyond their expiration date.
Is this merely a mid-life crisis of sorts, looking at the things of life I enjoy and realizing I may not have too many fall seasons left?
Quality years, not just remaining years.
I hear the overhead chatter again. For a moment it dropped from my conscious. Yet there it is, enjoying its season, not stopping when it can sing its tune and voice its intentions. But the woods live a fullness of life, until its final breath is released. Unlike people, who can get caught up in any number of distractions and get far away from what they are here to do. And enjoy. And contribute to.
I wonder….could I live in the woods after decades otherwise? When the nighttime falls and creatures of the night come alive once more. I feel more alive sitting here listening and watching nature’s beautiful world than sitting in an office. Life goes on.
Wants vs. needs (fulfillment.)
My name appears on a wood floor, inside an ages-old cabin, from a simpler time. My permanent mark, intended to always be there. Until corrupt practices destroy the cabin. Although fire and the incessant ticking of the clock could ultimately do the same.
How can I leave a permanent mark on this world? By making it a better place. The ultimate anonymous gift. Think about the next generation and leave something good behind. A foundation of ideas and a planet to pursue them on.


  1. My chitter chatter often times is blue jays or even better...squirrels whose chatter can be quite mesmerizing and so totally not what most would think as squirrel-like. Thousands upon thousands of sounds from daylight to darkness to daylight again. It's so fantastic. I've thought lately that most people don't leave a permanent mark on the world. Death usually leaves no rift in time except to those closest. One person in millions is more likely to leave a permanent mark on one or more individuals whose paths have intersected with theirs throughout life's journey, but who's not good to limit shoot for the stars. Distractions of life...I've had to entertain the thought that at least in my life maybe the distractions have ultimately led me to what I really was put here to do. Maybe the distractions were the plan, so I don't question anymore...I just embrace. I've never lived in the woods, but I think I could loose myself in total immersion of nature until a bear started chasing me :) I had a friend tell me that when she lived in the mountains many miles from any neighbor, what she remembers most was lying in bed at night with no distractions of civilization and hearing a tree many miles away falling in the forest. I'd like to hear that.

  2. Good thoughts about leaving a permanent mark. I think we can leave such a legacy, but our name may not be attached to it. We touch lives, whether it's children, family, friends, acquaintances, etc and plant seed that get passed down to other generations until at some point the direction is lost. Often within a generation. But I have to wonder if way down the road someone speaks a simple idea or thinks something that makes then say I wonder where that came from. And therein lies a legacy, unknown to us when we die, and completely anonymous. But our words do make a difference.

    I enjoy spending time in the woods, especially once I get a mile or two away from the trail head. The world changes, and it's easy to become immersed in the sounds, smells, and sights of nature. I had planned to do some backpacking beginning this year in the Smokies to experience that nighttime world in the wilderness. I have spent this year rehabbing my back, but I still look at the trail maps and plan for next year or the next. Along with resuming my nature photography.

    Distractions of life; At times my life has taken a more satisfying course after I was forced to change my route.