Saturday, March 11, 2017

Old Place in the Woods

             The old place in the woods.

 What secrets are buried inside, tucked away among ages of neglect, and a secret or two hidden away that only the more insistent will find. 

Pictured are the remains of an old mill, sitting along the banks of a creek. Fifty yards or so upstream a mesmerizing cascade will lull you to sleep if you stay long enough to be cast under its spell. The mill’s water wheel is covered by wood siding that has conveniently slipped down like a night cover, hiding it from potential vandals.

Shadows from tree limbs moved about across the mill, their dark gray blending with the aging of the wood. I kept expecting to see a face from the past look  out a window, and then turn away as if to say you will have to come find me to hear my story. 

 I would like to know the story of the old truck, and the last time it was pulled in and parked for eternity.

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