Saturday, February 13, 2010

Back to the Basics

I spent today trying to nurse a sore lower back, a result of a photo session I had last Sunday with a very active 18 month old (at least that's where it started, with all the crouching down and laying on the floor, you name it.) At least I rested my back in between photo sessions of the marvelous backdrop created by yesterday's snowfall. Unusual for these parts to get 6" of snow. My drive home yesterday evening was anything but ordinary; I did get home without incident, but a few tense moments with wheels going in the wrong direction made for an interesting 21/2 hour drive. Took my parents 4 1/2 hours to get home. I managed to get some nice photos.
Interesting how perspectives can change so dramatically. Business hasn't been exactly good the past two years, and while I don't consider myself a quitter by any stretch, I'm ready for some r&r time, doing things I enjoy, spending time with family and friends. They're the ones that stick by close when things get tight anyway, right?
I figure tomorrow I'll spend some time writing, but mainly spend time with family. It's Valentine's Day, in addition to being Sunday. That's getting back to the basics for me. Love the adventure of being an entrepreneur, but you gotta run home and touch base sometimes, where everything is stable and predictible. If only for a season.

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