Friday, February 5, 2010

Electronic Media and other notes

Today's methods of communicating are so different from the past, and really, so impersonal. We can, however, reach out in so many ways it's possible to talk, when otherwise you'd be trying to catch each other, however long it takes. I say it's impersonal because you aren't hearing the voice, you aren't seeing the face. Type in a quick note, hope it reaches the intended person.
Had a funny moment today sending text messages to my wife, Susie. I sent a note about how cold and dreary the day was, my ears were frozen, had to pump gas, etc. Her response was "I love u 2." I responded "that's what I meant. wish we were snuggled under the covers, all warm and happy." Here response sounded like her sense of humor, which I think she got from me, in part over the years. She typed "Whatever dad." What I did not realize is Susie had our 13 yr old daughter reading the texts, sitting across from her, and passing it on to her. After my next text, I found out later she handed the phone to her mom and told her to read it herself (nothing bad, but I guess she didn't know what was next, I don't know.)
My point is, we may not know who's really behind that keyboard sometimes. Not saying we need to go back to the old days of nothing but landline calls and letters, but it's worth saying. And what about the hand written letters? I treasure the few I receive, usually a note in a Christmas card. Nothing like someone taking the time to handwrite a truly hearfelt letter. But I suppose you can do the same thing on a pc now, and it's a whole lot easier to edit. And e-mail arrives much quicker, right?

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